Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rob Bell Debate

Really good video on with Rob Bell debating with Adrian Warnock about his new book 'Love Wins'.

I think Rob Bell comes across really well in this interview and speaks with great clarity, real generosity and good humour.  Really like the guy.

Below is a short excerpt from the interview.  Go to this link to watch the full interview.  You will enjoy it.

A couple of points I want to make are:

Adrian Warnock is not comfortable with mystery or leaving questions unanswered or asking questions of questions.

In the interview it becomes clear that there are different ways of reading the Bible. It seems that Adrian thinks that his way is the 'right' way, rather than allowing different ways of reading and understanding to sit together.

Rob asks if Adrian believes that if a 17 year old who had rejected Jesus died, would he in 17 million years time still be continually punished by god in hell.  Adrian said yes.
Rob said that he did not believe God was like this and would do this.  And I agree with Rob.  What kind of God would be like that?  What kind of God would treat those He has created in love like that? I'm not comfortable with where Adrian is coming from. Bell's book is by no means perfect and has problems, but I'm more comfortable with more of where he is coming from.

Have a watch and enjoy!


Bryony said...

Have a look at bish's blog for more comments, very interesting!

RDM said...

Dude, good article but I wrestled with this theology and tradition (as you know), and as a "reformed evangelical" (if that's the right box) am quite happy with mystery and unanswered questions (as my wife will tell you;-). I like your style (as you know) but this generalisation just reinforces stereotypes, something you don't seem to like normally doing (and that is a mystery to me)!

PS Talking of things of eternal importance, let's have breakfast soon.

Joe Haward said...

You're right mate, I've done that which I don't like doing. My gripe was with Adrian Warnocks approach and I wrote the post all wrong. Apologies my friend. I'll reword some of it.
Cheers for pulling me up about this.

Breakfast sounds good! Next week? Text me a day. Shalom.