Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Resurrection has changed everything.

The resurrection of Jesus transformed the course of the whole cosmos, ushering in a new age, a new time, a new moment in history.

The resurrection of Jesus radically reshapes and renews everything broken, beaten and destroyed.

The resurrection of Jesus was not about someone dying and going to heaven, like a spirit floating off into the sky.

No, the resurrection of Jesus was about a mind blowing, outrageous, course-changing event whereby nothing will ever be the same again.

A broken, bloodied, crucified and dead Jesus lies in the darkness of the tomb.

Then resurrection!

This broken, bloodied, crucified, dead Jesus steps out of the tomb 3 days later, his body somehow transformed, changed and different.  Nothing would ever be the same again, not humanity, not creation, not the cosmos. Nothing would be the same again because Jesus' resurrection changes the future and the shape of humanity, creation, the whole cosmos.

He eats, drinks and walks with his disciples revealing to them a beautiful future that they are invited to share in.  We too are invited to share in.  We too are invited to have resurrection bodies.

When all we knew before was an endless cycle of birth and death, of newness and decay, the resurrection ushers in new possibilities where everything is different.  A future is given where decay and death, pain and suffering are vanquished and eradicated forever.  A future is seen in the Risen Jesus where the endless cycle of birth and death, newness and decay is buried in the grave, and a new way is presented before us, and we are invited to share in it.

Resurrection means that one day you too can be raised.  That death will no longer have the final word.  Where decay and pain can no longer leave you hopeless.

Resurrection means that today has significance.  That what you do with today matters.  Because today has been impacted by the resurrection.

That body you are in right now as you read this is significant for today.  Who you are in your heart, mind, spirit and body is significant for today.  What you do with yourself today matters.  Will you live today seeking to share resurrection life?  Because resurrection says that who you are today, your body, mind, heart and spirit, will somehow be transformed, renewed and redeemed in God's new world.

So today we can work towards transforming, renewing and redeeming the world in which we live, not because we have the ability to do such things, but because by God's Spirit and the resurrection of Jesus something new is upon us.

The resurrection matters for you today because it speaks into your every tomorrow.

So how will we respond today?

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