Thursday, 19 May 2011

Love and Relationships

How much do you really love the people around you?

Are you only looking to your own interests?

Or do you deeply care about the people you are in relationship with?

Do you speak, interact and engage with people because you want something out of the relationship?

Or are you deeply concerned that they might flourish as a human?

Is your priority a desire to love that person?

Or do you have hidden motives and a secret agenda?

Do you only get in touch with someone because you want them to do something for you?

Or do you meet with someone because you want to share life with them?

Are there conditions on your relationships?

Or is your relationship unconditional love?

Do you think God's love is conditional with how you live your life?

Or do you realise that God simply loves you?

Do you think Jesus is only interested in you because he wants to rescue you?

Or do you realise that he is interested in you because it is you?

Have you ever questioned your attitude to love and relationships?

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