Monday, 9 May 2011

Is The Bible Relevant?

The was a good discussion on BBC 1 yesterday on whether the Bible is still relevant today.

Go here to see The Big Questions and watch the debate.

I thought there were some really good voices on the programme who gave solid and wise answers as well as displaying a great understanding of how to read the Bible well.

Richard Dawkins was on the show and once again showed a distinct lack of understanding when dealing with people who are not fundamentalists.

Adrian Thatcher spoke very well (he is the author of The Savage Text) about how Christians worship God not the Bible.  Our goal is to witness to the Person of the book, not to the book itself.

Krish Kandiah from the Evangelical Alliance was also in the audience.  He seemed to struggle to be honest.

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali was on the panel too.

I really enjoyed it and it is well worth a watch if you have a spare hour.

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