Friday, 20 May 2011

Etched onto His Skin

Continuing on the theme of relationships, I have just read my bro's blog reflecting on how our mum and dad have been married for 40 years this month.

He writes:

'They've loved each other, hated each other, been indifferent to each other, tolerated each other...They've been through bankruptcy, wealth, laughter, sadness, anger, joy, confusion. They've tried to have children and failed, but managed to adopt four children. They have had their house taken away...I will always be amazed as to how mum and dad have survived as a couple...It's gritty, real and rather un-inspiring for the likes of us romantics. 

It's grounded and rock-like though. It's stable and unflinching. It's not the relationship I'd ever want but by god, I admire the hell they've gone through. 

Their history is etched on their skin and I love them for it.'

Go here to read the whole post.  

It unpacks a little bit more of our story as a family.

I love this idea of history being 'etched on their skin'.  What a beautiful phrase.

Here is my dad

My dad is an oysterfisherman.  He is the seventh generation.  His trade, his life is etched on his skin. 

Here are my girls:

The beauty, pain, joy and mystery of life lay before them.  I wonder how life will etch onto their skin?

The Crucified Hands of God:

Etched onto the skin of God is the history of humanity.  The pain of sin and death.  The hope of healing and new life.  Our history forever invited into the today of God.  Our life beckoned into the hands of the Crucified God.  

Our lives, our joys, our pain, our success, our failure, our hopes, our disappointments, our love, all welcomed by God to be etched onto His skin.

Etched onto the skin of the Crucified God.


Tom Haward said...

It's lovely to think of what etchings grace and Lizzie will get as they grow. Wonderful to think of how they, in turn, will contribute (and already are) to the etchings on our lives. x

Joe Haward said...

I know, it is an amazing thought. All that lies before them. I hope I can help them flourish and grow throughout their lives.
I am already deeply impacted by them... X