Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Being a Terrorist

What does 'terrorism' even mean?

The word is thrown around all the time.

'The war on terror!' - What does that even mean?

People have become more fearful since the war on terror began.

With the demise of Osama Bin Laden there has been a frenzy of blogging, media coverage and conversations.

But I still have no idea what is meant by the word terrorism.

I would like to see the nations turned upside down.

I would like to see people shaken out of their numbness to the suffering and injustice all around.

I would like to see people upset by the suffering and injustice.

I would like people to feel despair at the reality of the situation.

I would like to see hope rise like the dawn in people's hearts as they see that the Redeemer lives.

I think there are times it is right to oppose.

I think it is right to want another Kingdom than the kingdoms of this world.

Does that make me a terrorist?

1 comment:

Tom Haward said...

Anti-establishment, yes. Terrorist, no. You want to see suffering end through love. You don't want to cause suffering through violence. That is a terrorist.