Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Amazing Love

I claw at the darkness, seeking an end to the pain
I dig deeper and deeper certain of an escape.
The darkness seems to surround me
I can't remember what light even looks like now.

I convince myself that an escape from the darkness lies in digging deeper
So I continue to delve sure of an end or even a beginning.

I am like a man clawing the ground hoping for deliverance
He splinters his nails and breaks his fingers longing for escape.
The wounds I carry cannot so easily be healed.

And so I find myself in the bottom of the pit
My energy has gone
My hope has disappeared like the light that I have tunnelled away from.

Yet beyond the limits of my own senses
Beyond the darkness that consumes me
Someone comes to rescue me from this pit of despair.

Amazing Love!
How can this be?

I am lifted out slowly into the dawn of a new day.
My Rescuer is careful not to blind me with the flood of Light.

The darkness melts at the warmth of His love
Yet I see that He carries scars, a sign that He Himself knows the darkness.
A sign that He knows me with the scars that I carry.

He calls me to live a new way
To strive to shine like a star rather than bury myself in the darkness.
To love God
To love others

To live like He has lived
To love like He has loved
To die like He has died

Amazing Love!
How can this be?
That Jesus has died and rescued me?

And so I join Him on the journey to the Promised Land.
Still bearing the scars of my pain
Yet with every step I find nourishment and healing.

I see in the distance hope shining like the Morning Star
I recognise that a new Dawn beckons.

And I see that Today is a good day.
For Today the journey matters.
Today will make a difference.

Today is why He died.
Tomorrow is why He lives.

Amazing Love!

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Tom Haward said...

Beautiful mate.