Sunday, 3 April 2011

Transocean gives Bonuses after Gulf of Mexico BP spill...!

Transocean, the offshore drilling firm responsible for the huge oil spill in the gulf of Mexico in April 2010, have paid its top executives bonuses for its 'best year' of safety...

Read here for more on this story.

This story makes me really angry. The report states that taking into account the disaster in Mexico, the company has provided an exemplary safety record and therefore the bonuses are credible and right to pay. I believe this is yet another example of the powerful manipulating a situation to satisfy their greed. Lies and robbery.

The poor will be impacted most likely for generations because of the disaster. It will be the poor who continue to suffer because the fishing industry has been destroyed, the tourist industry has been severely effected and because the poor have no way of turning the situation around.

These super wealthy executives will continue to feed off the poverty and disaster and continue to amass every increasing wealth in a bid to satisfy their desire for more.

I write this as one who is the top 10% of wage earners in the world. You read this as someone who is most likely in the same category. And so I write this and recognise my own failings and need to do better, to be fairer, to seek the cause of the most poorest with a bigger heart and in more sacrificial and better ways. But I write this also believing that it is right to stand up and say when something is wrong, when something is against the heart and will of God.

The poor affected by this spill will not see the bonuses. The will see poverty and suffering.

Come Lord Jesus.

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