Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Something Beautiful

'I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.' C.S Lewis

Beauty can be very subjective. I believe this is a beautiful picture:

Beauty can be manipulated.

Did you know that BOTH the before and after photo's above were manipulated and changed by computer software...

Beauty can be hard to define.

But I believe Christianity is beautiful. I believe that through it your heart can be captivated like when you witness the dawn of a new day and are mesmerised by the power and beauty of the sun rising over the landscape.

I believe that in Jesus your eyes are opened to the beauty around you and within you. As the sun rises and its rays shimmer off the morning dew on the petal of a flower, so can Jesus astound you with his love and beauty as it shimmers and shines before your eyes. The warmth of a hug or kind word; the embrace of another as you body shakes through grief; the unseen sacrifice for others in slums and rubbish dumps - this love can captivate the darkest heart.

I believe that God, Father, Son and Spirit, is beyond the definition of beautiful. As we gasp and struggle for words when the sun blazes in its rising, so much more are words hard to find when describing the beauty and love of God.

As the sun rises and vanquishes darkness, enabling us to see, so does God drive back the darkness and reveal the truth of all around. Yet when the sun rises here, it has set somewhere else, bringing light here, but leaving darkness somewhere else. God however brings light to all nations, one day extinguishing darkness forever; the darkness of death and sin, the darkness of hate and injustice, the darkness of bigotry and violence, the darkness of poverty and oppression. One day all this darkness will be gone and His Light will shine forever.

And surely this is something we can all find beautiful.

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