Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hell and Redemption

There is a video doing the rounds on You Tube at the moment of a bully punching another kid in the face. The young lad being bullied, who is a lot bigger than than the bully, suddenly grabs the bully, lifts him in the air and throws him onto a concrete floor. The bully staggers up and runs away.

It is proving to be popular. I think it is popular because the bully gets what's coming to him. The innocent lad finally gets his revenge. Society likes this idea. We like it when the 'bully' or the bad guys get slammed by the 'innocent'.

Films show us this idea all the time.

We watched Taken the other night, and there is a real satisfaction when the dad of the kidnapped innocent girl goes after all the bad guys and gets his daughter back. There is redemption.

The thing is, redemption in most films happens through violence. And society seems to enjoy that. Which is probably why this You Tube video seems to be popular.

If someone hints that there won't be a violent world waiting for all the 'evil' people, then some people get very agitated by that. Society likes the idea of bad guys getting what they deserve, and getting what they deserve usually involves torture and violence. So the big god finally gets his own back for being picked on and sends people to fire and damnation. And people wrongly think that this is justice.

Yet this is not the God I see revealed in Jesus Christ.

The God I see in the face of Jesus is one of grace, love, compassion and justice in its truest sense. Jesus is the One who we look at to see who God is and what God is like. He is the One who does not inflict violence on others, but rather receives violence upon Himself in order that humanity and creation might be healed, redeemed and reconciled to God.

I like to think God is more like this You Tube video:

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