Thursday, 10 March 2011


Interesting advert...

I think advertisers are pretty good at judging where society is at in terms of their beliefs and interests, so this new Lynx advert says a bit about what they think is going on in our culture right now.

I'm pretty sure there is a vast amount of people in the UK who believe in angels. I'm sure there are many who believe in angels more than they believe that God exists. The belief in angels is not what really got me thinking though.

It was the concept of 'falling' and what that might mean.

Here it is that in 'falling' there is something exciting and forbidden to be explored. To fall is to move away from the 'good' or the 'angelic' and to throw off the halo and be excited by the new prospects.

So excitement is falling, whereas angelic is boring.

And I wonder if that is how most people view the church in that they see it as something restrictive with a halo and very boring. I wonder if in turn people see Christianity as something that seeks to strangle out fun and excitement, that places rules and restrictions on you and is something completely unattractive. Falling however is seen to be attractive and exciting.

If people do perceive Christianity as boring and restrictive then the church has seriously misrepresented the person of Jesus.

But another point is in the 'falling'.

I remember when I was at the height of my drinking. The sensation I had everyday was like I was falling. Falling into a pit that I had no way of getting out of. Falling into a life of despair that I knew no cure for. The initial fall felt good. The feeling of only pleasing myself and not caring about others. The feeling of always living in a state of drunkenness and fantasy, living like there was no tomorrow. Yet when you hit the floor and gain your sense a little, that feeling of excitement wears off. Suddenly I realised that I was hurting and in trouble.

I needed someone to pick me up and lift me into a new life.

That's what Jesus did.

And a life with Jesus is a journey towards life and hope and love. It is a journey forwards not downwards. It is about perseverance, suffering, love and hope. It is about being shaped into the image of Jesus. And only he can lift us up and set us on that new journey.

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