Thursday, 3 March 2011


There is an interesting debate on 5 Live at the moment about blasphemy laws.

It is in light of the Christian minister in Pakistan who was murdered for speaking out against the blasphemy laws in that nation.

Listening to the phone in people were talking about how in this country the term OMG is used a lot and can be offensive to people of faith and whether we need a blasphemy law again.

Of course a blasphemy law would be ridiculous in this country and impossible to police. And there is no way we want to go down a police state.

Some were phoning in to say that 'OMG' offends God and that it is not a phrase that should be used in the media. The thing is, when someone says or writes 'OMG', what God or gods are they on about? And I don't think God needs our protection. He would seem to be a very sensitive easily offended deity according to some. That's not the God who we see in Jesus Christ.

I think we need a bit of perspective.

People being murdered in Pakistan for seeking equality and justice is something I am sure that makes God weep.

Children dying because of treatable diseases grieves God.

Let us keep our perspective on what really matters and what we, the people of Jesus, should really be standing up for and seeking to transform.

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Tom Haward said...

it's as if people are becoming children and 'telling on' others to the police if they get called names.

People need to grow up, grow a pair and stop sensationalising everything.

Would that mean, parts of the Psalms would have to be censored, because they would be blasphemous to some? :)

Wowzers, when did the world become a caricature?