Wednesday, 23 February 2011

An interview, sermon and lecture

A few links today of things I've been involved in recently.

Go here to listen to an interview I did for BBC radio Devon on freedom. There is a new bible out called the Freedom Bible that highlights those verses in scripture that speak about freedom and liberation. I shared my own story on how I was given freedom through a relationship with Jesus. The interview is about 41 minutes into the programme.

I was in Falmouth at the weekend preaching at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

I spoke in the morning about the Cross of Jesus and asking what our response is to the man on the cross. Go here to listen to the sermon.

In the evening I did a lecture exploring what the Emerging Church conversation is all about. Go here to listen to the lecture.


Bryony said...

Thank you for coming =)


Joe Haward said...

It was good to be with you guys! Hope you are well.