Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cringe Story!

Get this for a cringe story:

I met a lady yesterday and got chatting to her about life and faith.

She told me that not long ago she was walking down the street in town when a man approached her. This lady was wearing a cross necklace and the man pointed to the necklace and asked her if she was a Christian. This lady said that she wasn't but that she did believe in God.
The man asked her if she went to church. The lady said no she didn't because she wasn't sure about religion. So the man proceeded to condemn her for not going to church and told her she shouldn't be wearing a necklace with a cross on it if she wasn't a Christian.
This lady said she liked the necklace and he had no right telling her what she should or shouldn't do.
The man then told her that she should start going to church otherwise she would go to hell. He then walked off.

Stories like that make me really sad. Thankfully this lady recognised that this guy was a bit of a loon and is continuing to explore what faith is all about. But how often do experiences like that, albeit varying in their craziness, how often do they put people off even beginning to explore who Jesus is.



Karl considering 21st Century Mission said...

It puts a different spin on 'apologetics' - we have to apologise for such nutters!

I find that half the job being an evangelist these days is modelling positive ways of being a witness.

Joe Haward said...

I completely agree mate.