Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Another Church Plant Update

Things are going well here. We are 5 months into this church planting adventure and feel really encouraged by what has been happening.

I have now set up a group who meet every two weeks to explore Christian faith and spirituality. We are going through Mark's Gospel and are going to use a variety of ways to explore the life of Jesus as told through Mark's narrative. Some weeks we will eat together and have a 'Crash' evening whilst other times we will watch film as a lead into a time of discussion looking at a particular theme from the gospel. People are keen to grapple with the Mark's gospel and wrestle with what it says, so I'm looking forward to the discussions we are going to have.
The first time we met there were three of us. The following time there were five of us. Next time two more people have said they are coming. So we will see how things progress. Above and beyond anything I hope that this group build authentic relationships where people love each other.

I have also started a role as a pastoral and spiritual carer for Hannah's at Seale Hayne. Go to this link and see what they are all about.
Seale Hayne used to be an agricultural college owned by Plymouth University but then sold it to the Dame Hannah Roger's Trust who seek to support young people and adults with a range of disabilities. There is a cafe, music studio's, art studio's, gallery and many other things that make up this space. People come for a day of respite and are introduced to a variety of activities geared especially to those with disabilities.
Local businesses also hire out space within the community as a way of inviting the community of Newton Abbot to become a part of this community. It means that people of all abilities are together, learning from each other and breaking down barriers of prejudice and fear. Those businesses who hire out space are required to give something back into the Seale Hayne community. So artists teach classes and do workshops. There is a blacksmith who does the same.
I am now there to support the whole community and be a listening ear and to offer spiritual care and support for those who would like it. I'm really excited about being there and have met some great people.

I have been talking with the local Family and Schools worker for the Methodist church and this month we are going to begin to offer support and help on two of the estates in Newton Abbot who are suffering with social and economic difficulties. We are running a support group for parents and a drop in activity group for the children on the estates.

I have been to see Young Devon who seek to help young adults gain qualifications and skills that will equip them for work and life. They were really keen for me to be a part of their group and community so I am going to spend some time praying about how I might serve them.

I continue to have prayer walking as a priority and spend a lot of my time continuing to do this. I see it as THE most vital part of my ministry here in Devon and believe time listening to God is the best time spent.

As a family we are loving life here in Devon. We are able to spend good quality time together and it's really good to see my girls growing and flourishing in life.

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