Friday, 7 January 2011

Good Samaritan

On the BBC website people have been leaving 'Good Samaritan' stories, sharing their experiences of how strangers have helped them in a time of real need or trouble.

The stories are really heart warming and challenging.

Go here and read them all for yourselves, but here are two that caught my eye.

The first one showing the beauty of humanity and how the love and care from people to people can deeply change lives:

In 1993, at a football game between Millwall and Portsmouth, I was drunk as usual.

A policewoman was ushering us Portsmouth fans back towards the station when she saw me staggering and went to arrest me for being drunk.

Seeing that I was not disorderly, she asked if I was OK. I said: "Yes, fine, just having a good time." She said it didn't look like much fun and asked whether I drank often. I replied: "Every day" and cried.

She held my arm gently and told me to stop drinking. Life was too good to drink every day, she told me. She said I looked too good to be a drunk and was too good a man to die young. The policewoman looked at me with pity and a kindness that made me cry again and think.

Two months or so later I got sober. I haven't had a drink in 17 years.

Ian Geddes, Southampton

The second story affirms my belief in angels and how we may never know it it really is that is helping us:

My father parked the car at the top of a steep hill when I was about six years old and walked down to a pub.

I was in the passenger seat alone, before seatbelts existed. The car started rolling down the hill towards the pub, a main road and a huge wall, picking up speed.

I expected to be killed.

Miraculously, a man leapt from a vehicle into my dad's car and managed to stop it at the bottom off the hill, just a few inches from the wall.

Dad didn't return until he was drunk, as usual, by which time the man had taken me home, but no-one was in.

I always wondered who that man was who saved my life, then disappeared, 57 years ago.

Karen, London

I wonder if these stories remind you of times in your life when a stranger has helped you?

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