Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Common Enemy

On Tuesday I shared a video by Pastor Rudy about pushing love not fear. Part way through the video he talks about how on a Sunday he gets about 2800 people coming to church on a Sunday, but that if he took another approach he could get 28,000 people coming. That other approach he says is to point the finger at a people group and use them as a punching bag, and in doing so more people would come to his church 'because nothing unifies like a common enemy'.

A phone in like this polarises people into two groups, those who are ok with abortion and those who are against it. It leaves no room from the complexity of life and circumstances that cannot simply be answered with a yes or a no. And so people draw a line where they stand and face off against each other, thus creating a common enemy.

And it is easy to put people into boxes, to label those who are different to ourselves and then to unite in our disapproval about those who are different.

So people are dehumanised and become a label:

Etc Etc

Yet unconditional love doesn't label people and actively seeks to destroy the labels that have been created.

Unconditional love pushes out fear of those who are different.
Unconditional love goes to those who are different and loves them because they are another person loved and created in the image of God.

Unconditional love starts with the persons name.

Unconditional love continues regardless of what the person believes, it doesn't mean we have to agree or condone, but it does mean that love will continue despite our differences.

Unconditional love is hard work. It is easier to have a common enemy. People love to point the finger and exclude those who are different. It is much harder to embrace our differences and to walk together in spite of our differences.

But that is the calling of Jesus followers. It is to go and love, not label and point the finger. So now the challenge for me is to go to those who are different to me and to love and walk with them. But then it is a challenge for you too isn't it?

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Lloyd said...

Great post. We are to love the sinner but hate the sin. However, that does not mean that we, as believers become "puffed up" with pride. It means that, like you said, we show unconditional love and point non-believers or weaker Christians to walk in God's will for their life. Love conquers all... God bless my brother in Christ. Lloyd

P.S. Thank you for your visit and kind comments on my blog.