Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Church Plant Update

I thought it would be good to update how things are going with the church plant now we have been here just over 3 months.

We have many different people from many different walks in life and these people we have met who are interested and exploring the Christian faith will meet in January for the first time. We continue to be surprised and amazed by God in the way that He builds His church. As yet we are unsure how many people will be there on that first meeting because those who come have said they will invite people they know who are interested, so we will see. But whether there are 2 or 3 or 23, we are so grateful that this first group is forming. We will look for this group to explore the Christian faith through discussion, meals, films and that we would journey together as Jesus' story and our stories merge together.

Newton Abbot council and local government are setting up a core group of people who will look at the regeneration of the community. I have been asked to be on this group and I believe it is a real privilege and opportunity, not only for this new church, but a real privilege and opportunity to serve the wider community.

I have also been invited to serve another part of the community with spiritual care and it will be interesting to see how this develops. I am meeting them this week to confirm how this will look and then I will be able to share in greater depth what this will be.

I continue to prayer walk and will continue to prayer walk for as long as we are here in Newton Abbot. God has been so gracious and lavished His love upon us throughout our time here and He has led us to so many people and provided us with so many opportunities to share the love of Jesus with the community.

I feel like I am muddling along and in the midst of my muddling God does what only God can do, and build His church.

Since the birth of our beautiful Lizzie we are beginning to get into a routine and adapt to this new dynamic of family life. We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends over Christmas, relax and enjoy one another. In the New Year we will begin to pull together all the different people and things that have begun and see how things develop and grow with this church plant. We feel really excited by what God is doing here, yet also feel incredibly inadequate and we are amazed day by day with how good God is to us.

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Peter M. Grinham said...

I read the penultimate paragraph with alarm! Perhaps you intended a comma after the second "muddling"!

Seriously. we in the wilds of the far east, continue to pray. It is great to get news of you. Congratulations on the second baby, Lizzie.