Monday, 22 November 2010

Must The Show Go On?

These two songs have really stirred something within me about the Church in the West...

Haven't entirely figured out what it is yet, but there is something about a loss of power and a clinging onto what used to be. Something about trying to keep things going, a continuing of the show, a never giving in. Something about a continued inner desire to be what it used to be, as if what it used to be was the best it could have been. Something about ruling the world, as if ruling the world was ever a good thing.

I think we are in some potentially incredibly exciting times. The UK church has an opportunity to shake off the shackles of the mistakes of the past, embrace the beauty of the joys of the past, learn from the wisdom and traditions of the past and revolutionise today to bring hope for tomorrow. But we have to be willing to take risks, to attempt the seemingly impossible and to go out of our comfort zones. We have to be open to change and listen to God's Spirit in the unexpected places. We have to be honest. Look around. How much of what we do is like watering a dead seed? But where are there signs of hope and life?

We have been called to follow the One who turned the world upside down. This Jesus who came to give away life, not hand out token gestures; who came to revolutionise, not trivialise; to pour our justice, not bottle up platitudes; who calls us to love extravagantly, not patronise forgetfully. He called us to have faith that will topple the insurmountable, not to have fear that will bury us. He commanded us to feed the poor, not indulge till we have room for no more.

He called us to follow Him and carry our cross, to sacrifice ourselves to Him and His cause, to not turn back and bathe in lukewarmness.

As we follow this One He calls us to topple the idols and smash them on Him who is the Rock. He calls us to cease in that which does nothing for His Kingdom or His Glory and to live lives that seek to bring life to others. And He calls us to be faithful and obedient, watching in wonder as His Spirit brings transformation, breathing life and love into our communities.

What are we willing to sacrifice and change in the church in order that we truly might be that force for good and vessel of love that God has called us to be?

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