Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Truth More Shocking Than Fiction

'Men hurtling planes against skyscrapers in the name of God, while someone sitting comfortably in an office knew how to exploit their derangement on the stock market. Other men earned their living by selling land mines, and at Christmas they brought their children presents with the money earned by killing and maiming someone else's children. Conscience was an accessory whose value was tied to fluctuations in the price of oil.' Giorgio Faletti, I Kill, p 68

This is an excerpt from a novel I am reading.

Interesting isn't it how fiction is more real and honest than apparent non-fiction.

I read this novel and experience so much reality and truth. I pick up a newspaper and read fantasy and absurdity.

Disgraceful isn't it that the oil used for the petrol to fill my car to drive to a polling station to vote might have come from a oil company that drills in a dictatorship country that uses slaves to build their pipelines.

Our actions have a deep impact around the world and whatever our faith we are each called to help shape a better future for all. We are called to move away from exploitation and greed. We are called to stand up for justice and destroy manipulation. It is a calling to stop seeing ourselves as victims and to open our eyes to the real victims of this world.


BanksyBoy said...

Here's yet another challenge...

Glad you've reviewed Flickering Pixels too!


Joe Haward said...

That is challenging!

Thank you for FP, it is a great read. I'm going to get hold of his other work too I think.

Hope you're well? Keep rebelling! :0)