Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Heart Mender

The other day after I was having a chat with Tom on the phone my three and half year old daughter Grace said to my wife Sarah, 'Mummy, Uncle Tommy needs Jesus to mend his broken heart.'

Grace often comes out with things that are deeply profound and stunningly simple. This seems like another example. Because isn't what Grace said what Christianity is all about in essence? Surely the Gospel is about Jesus mending our broken hearts?

There are times I am sure that we feel heartbroken, alone and confused. There are times when we can feel happiness, love and purpose. But I think ultimately, however we are feeling, whatever our situations, Jesus wants to mend our broken hearts into all eternity. The reality and power of that healing may not be known until eternity when we see God and are fully known in Him, but I believe the Cross of Jesus is a place for broken hearts to be mended. The cross is where Jesus cried out with a broken heart so that we could cry out with joy over our transformed and healed heart.

'Father, we all need Jesus to mend our broken heart.'

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