Monday, 25 October 2010

Books I'm Reading

I've finished Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's good to read a book that is seeking to properly grapple with the culture we live in and then seek to respond accordingly with the Gospel. I'm still thinking through his idea of 'new wine and new wineskins'; the message and the method needs to change... I'm not sure he even knows what that means. But overall I would recommend it.

Just started reading this and am finding it to make me feel very different with every paragraph. One minute I am agreeing and finding it challenging and refreshing, and the next paragraph I am disagreeing and struggling to see where they are coming from. They clearly have an axe to grind and are always overstating their case, yet there are things in here which I am keen to reflect further on.

Have now finished reading John's book and found it utterly inspiring and challenging. I think it is a timely book that needs to be read and grappled with and will be of encouragement to many I'm sure. It will also help people reflect again on the place of suffering with the human existence and the ways in which we respond to that suffering, in light of Jesus and His suffering.

I am also reading Tom Wright's new book and am enjoying it a lot. I always enjoy reading his work. Too early in to make any real comments, but thus far find it well worth reading.

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