Monday, 11 October 2010

Banksy Does Simpsons - Who Is Your Neighbour?

The artist Banksy has created this alternative and controversial intro to the Simpsons...

Read here and here about how apparently a bulk of the shows animation is outsourced to South Korea by the shows owners, Fox.

Who is our neighbour? How does the way I live affect my neighbour?

Now, I do not know whether these claims are true, but again and again we should be challenged about who are neighbour is and how we are called to love them. Last night in the pub someone said that they are their own little world, but that is rubbish. We do not live in our own little world. We might act like it and live in a belief of it, but the truth is that my actions and your actions affect our neighbour, whether they are next door or in South Korea or wherever.
So often we say, 'well its just the way it is. We can't escape the system.' But by the grace of God we can escape!

The Cross as destroyed the system! And through Jesus we can change the world. We can be revolutionaries, standing against the system that tramples on our neighbours, and become a people who fight the cause of the oppressed and tears down the systems that create slaves.

We are called to not be creators of slaves. Ignorance is not an excuse. We have to be aware of our own actions in order that we might make others aware. We need to be looking for ways to be declarers of truth, workers of justice, a voice to those who have been silenced, a people who live in such a way that brings life to our neighbour.

I wish I was even 1% of what I should be in all of this. I pray that God would convict me and help me to live in a way that loves my neighbour in South Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Newton Abbot etc etc.

But as community we can help each other. You can help me. Maybe I can help you. But we can help each other. Please, let us help each other to love each other better and love our neighbour better and love God with all that we are...

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