Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Kingdom Work

A current debate taking place on this blog is in regard to the campaign to get a Christian song to number one for Easter. As I have blogged before, I do not believe it is a relevant campaign to be involved in for Christians because I do not believe it is actually doing anything for the sake of the Gospel or the Kingdom.

There are some, probably many, who completely disagree with me when I say that I do not see this campaign as Kingdom work.

I see Kingdom work about bringing heaven to earth and seeing God's Kingdom working itself out in the here and now. I see it most powerfully when the poor and oppressed, widows and orphans, powerless and abused are cared for, given a voice, fed, clothed, healed, restored and given new hope. Right there I see the Kingdom of God at work.

I see Kingdom work when brokenness is redeemed, hurting is healed, hopelessness transformed into hope.

I see the Kingdom at work when people, whose lives have been oppressed and turned into ash trays, find their lives redeemed and their ash trays turned into crowns.

I see the Kingdom when the Church fights for justice, peace, reconciliation and new life.

I see the Kingdom when Jesus is in our midst calling us to the way of the Cross. This is the Way I believe we have been called, so please, can we stop being side tracked and can we walk the Way of Jesus...