Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ten-Pin Church

A church in Johnstown, near Wrexham in Wales, are radically rethinking the way they are church within their community. Go here to read about it.

They are opening a ten-pin bowling alley in order that they may generate jobs within the local community and any profit made will be reinvested into the community to fund food-banks, free debt advice and other projects.

The church will meet in the bowling alley on a Sunday morning which will also be used for other things such as a cafe and performing arts school for teenagers.

They have applied for £800,000 National Lottery Funding to enable this whole thing happen.

This is radical missional church! I love it.

It is really refreshing to hear of churches thinking outside of the box looking for ways in which they can meaningfully engage with their communities. They really are seeking to be Good News to their community.

What a great, Jesus focused, Kingdom bringing work.

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