Thursday, 4 February 2010

School Mouse and Twenties

Church Mouse has flagged up new guidance for teaching RE in schools. I agree with the Mouse that it seems a highly political move, although I disagree that Christianity is the 'dominant faith of the nation'. I think Mouse is still in Christendom...

On another note, I was reflecting on being in my twenties (as you do the closer you edge to 30!) and how good it has been. The twenties has been a fantastic decade for me. So much good and amazing stuff has happened during this time and I really am thankful.

21 years old: Became a disciple of Jesus and was baptised. Met my beautiful, amazing Sarah.
22 years old: Got engaged to my beautiful, amazing Sarah.
23 years old: Began working as a evangelist.
24 years old: Married my best friend, my beautiful amazing Sarah. Began Spurgeon's College. Sarah fell pregnant.
25 years old: Our beautiful daughter Grace was born. Began accreditation as a Evangelist in the Baptist Union to be Ordained.
26 years old: Transferred onto full time course at Spurgeons for ordination.
27 years old: Celebrated 3 years marriage and our daughter turning 2 years old.
28 years old: Called to plant a church in Devon. Graduate from college.

God really has been good to me. I'm very thankful.

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