Monday, 15 February 2010

A Poem

I like writing my wife poems and will write her one on her birthday, at Christmas and on Valentines day. So here is my latest poem that I gave her this Valentines:

The birth of a sunrise brings breath-taking beauty
The powerful orange glow beaming newness into the day.
Shards of light scatter through the morning mist
The morning song of the birds welcoming the event.

So the experience of your love was as a sunrise to me
Your beauty taking my breath away.

The power of your love bursting new life and new hope into me
When before you I knew nothing but sunsets and dark nights.

Shards of your love have scattered through the mist of my pain
And the song of your love welcomes in the hope I now have.

Your love is like a never-ending sunrise
And I thank God for the gift you are to me.
I will love you forevermore
You are my sunrise.

© Joseph Haward 2010



I enjoyed looking over your blog
Great blog title
God Bless you

Joe Haward said...

Hi Old Geezer! Great to have you as a reader! Love your blog.

Keep in touch.
God Bless you too.

Dan Spiller said...

Very good mate. You're in the wrong business! Ha ha! Still need to pop round for that cuppa! Dan

Joe Haward said...

Cheers Dan! Ha! If all else fails I'll become a poet! Cuppa sounds great. Friday lunchtime? Hope you're ok pal?