Monday, 1 February 2010

Mission Part 3

Here is an interesting article on why men don't go to church. Some of the points made are:

-Church can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing for men, they can feel as out of place as they would in a ladies underwear shop!

-The image of church is 'women and children'...the decoration is often very feminine.

-Men appreciate 'professionalism'...things done well. For instance, if you're using a drama, make sure it is done well, otherwise men will find it embarrassing.

-Do you cover topics that are relevant to men?

I don't agree with all that is said in this article, but I do think some good points are made. The Church has struggled for some time with how to engage meaningfully with men. But there is a danger that we could go to the extreme and ridiculous.
I don't think that the gospel's emphasis Jesus' 'maleness'. So while I would want church to be relevant and accessible to men, I wouldn't want to it to always encourage some 'male attitudes', because some of these attitudes are just not very helpful. The reality is that most men will want to express themselves in often very surprising ways.
I do agree however that church has become far too 'feminine' and there needs to be a balance so that men can engage meaningfully with who Jesus is.

In Newton Abbot I want to explore how to explore the Gospel with in relevant ways with all people. And certainly I want to explore how to share the gospel with men.

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