Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Manipulation and Distortion

Read a funny story today on The Old Geezer Blog about the manipulation and distortion of the media.

Read this while also thinking about preaching.

It is so easy in our preaching to put into a biblical text whatever we want it to say. We can so manipulate and distort Scripture and use to promote our own agenda's, prejudices and desires. It brings me again and again to the way we handle the Bible and what the Bible is and what it isn't.

I heard a sermon online the other day which completely distorted Scripture and placed into the passage the agenda of the preacher, rather than letting the Scripture's speak for themselves. This problem is a by product I believe of why people are leaving the church. People can see through falsity and agenda's. They want integrity and realism and honesty.

I do believe that when we allow Scripture to speak for itself, when we take time to explore its context and background, when we are listening to the wind of the Spirit, then Scripture can challenge us and shock us out of our bigotry and into a deeper state of grace.

I pray that would be true for me.


Gregg said...

As a Pastor, Theologian, and bible expositor who takes great pains to dig out the intended meaning of a passage, I resent and lament the number of men who refuse to take James 3:1 seriously and biblically. Many men who currently do, should neve step foot in the pulpit.

Joe Haward said...

I think there are many who preach who haven't been called to do so, and that in turn leads to a lot of painful preaching.
I hope that my calling to preach has been affirmed by the wider church.
I think it is always important, as preachers, to have people we are accountable to who can pull us up when we get it wrong and give us wisdom.
It is a high calling to preach. Thank God for his grace.

Where abouts are you based then Gregg?