Thursday, 25 February 2010

Life is Precious

An interesting interview with Man City's Emmanuel Adebayor.

He shares about the gun attack on the Togo team bus in January where two people died and many other's injured. Adebayor describes how it lasted for 32 minutes with bullets flying everywhere. He sent a text message to his mum saying that he was going to die, such was the level of the attack and the fear of the situation.

It is an insightful interview that gives you a view of what he and the other Togo team went through and how they felt during and after this ordeal.

He speaks of faith in God and how this has strengthened his faith in God, believing that God can take you whenever he wants. He believes that we are to be thankful for every day that we have and make the most of it.

Perhaps nothing sharpens the mind more than the prospect of death. Suddenly we are faced with the reality that life is fragile and our time is precious. Yet when we have such wealth of varying degrees in the West (Adebayor owns a Bentley!) we have all the capabilities of ignoring the fragility and preciousness of life. Maybe this is a part of the current debate about assisted death.

Yet if we face up to our situation, that death, indeed ultimate death, is completely out of our hands, then the grace and life offered to us by God is our only hope.

I have no idea how I would respond if I had bullets flying past my head. It seems that it has given Adebayor a new perspective on things.

Life is precious and when I look at the death of Jesus I begin to grasp just how precious it really is.

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