Friday, 19 February 2010

Jesus 'a man.'

A few interesting articles today that raise good discussion.

Elton John, in a recent interview in America, says that Jesus was 'a compassionate, super intelligent gay man who understood human problems'. I'm those comments will attract a lot of attention in America, especially among the Right Wing.
Reading what I have, it appears to me that Elton John is saying some really positive things about Jesus, namely that he was a man of love and forgiveness.
The gay comment I am sure is simply to get a reaction from those religious people he condemned before in a previous interview. He is simply trying to prove a point and I imagine that by saying Jesus is gay the reactions he will receive will prove that there are a lot of religious people who are bigoted and hateful, whereas he believes that Jesus was loving and forgiving. He has said before that he has many gay friends who are Christian, so it seems he is not against Jesus, but against those who promote hatred in the name of God.

Daily Mail having a rant about the upcoming 'The Bible: A History' with Gerry Adams presenting it on the life of Jesus.

Say One For Me is where Bishops will pray for the general public. Write a pray on the website and you will be prayed for by the Bishops.

And Church Mouse telling us to lay of Kay Burley from Sky News for her gaff about Joe Biden.

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