Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Today Is The Day Of Salvation

I have had a really long break, and it has been good and bad. There have been some pretty horrible events happen close to home for me in the last few weeks and days, so I'm feeling all over the place within myself. But I have been able to spend some really quality time with my beautiful girls. They really are my everything.

I decided to approach 2010 differently to how I usually go into the New Year. I've decided not to make a big deal of it and see it as just another day. I tend to get pretty nostalgic this time of the year, but I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't help me.

One day at a time. Today is the day of salvation. So what does today hold? How can I make the most of it? Tomorrow can look after itself. Yesterday is over.

And I will not be shaped by life's circumstances, rather, I will be shaped by the way I deal with those circumstances. Stuff will happen this year that will be difficult. I accept that. So rather than thinking I will have a perfect year (whatever that might be), I will look to become a better person, a more Christ like person through whatever life's circumstances are, good or bad. And that begins today and every day, regardless of when in the year it is.

Today is the day of salvation. And I will be shaped today by the way I respond to today. Nice in thought! But what about practice?! So far I am feeling stressed and ill. Had my first migraine the other day and it has only just gone. Might have a stomach ulcer. So the reality is I'm not doing great at grasping the most of today. But then I ask myself, 'what is the most of today?'

What does it mean to be like Jesus? What does that actually look like? What does it mean to live today for Jesus in the most real way? There are things I will do because I've been told that is what we do as Christians, but is that being a true disciple of Jesus? What does it mean to be his follower?

Today is the day of salvation. So what does that day look like? What does it mean to follow Jesus today, right now, even as I type this?


Sarah Crane said...

As always Joe very thought provoking. Praying you'll be feeling better soon and that this is a year when you discover more of what it means to live for Jesus :)

Joe Haward said...

Thanx Sarah, appreciate it. I'm glad Jesus is patient with me as I figure out what it means to follow him!

Peter M.G. said...

I have been looking at Hebrews. The writer says quite a lot about "Today" and the phrase "Harden not your heart" keeps on coming with it. We must stay malleable Joe!

Joe Haward said...

Thank you Peter. And thank you for yesterday. A very real sense of God speaking to us through the Scriptures.