Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Moving and Community

Haven't blogged for a little while as Sarah, Grace and I have been travelling around the UK seeking where God may be calling us after I finish my studies at college.

It has been a tiring but good time away.

It is a fascinating and challenging time in our lives. The prospect of moving away from Mersea to a new place where we don't know anyone is quite daunting. Sarah and I have grown up in Mersea so all our family and friends live here or close by, and leaving them will be quite a pull. Yet at the same time we are both ready to move. We are excited by the journey ahead of us. We are looking forward to the challenges and possibilities of a new place and new ministry.

On Monday I will blog about any updates I know in terms of where I may or may not be called to.

On another note...

These British Gas adverts highlight the way society is viewing itself at the moment, and that is not a good thing.
The way they portray having a home on your own little world, separated out from everyone else is an example of where our society sees itself. It is about ME and MY own little world.

The church is being called to model and highlight the importance of community and how we are connected to one another in some way.

We don't live in our own little world, we are connected and are called to live in such a way that recognises our neighbour and our calling to love our neighbour.

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