Thursday, 14 January 2010


'Crash is an informal gathering of people who meet to discuss relevant issues while enjoying good food and wine. We invite a guest speaker to join us and share for 10-15 minutes about an issue which then enables conversations to begin. Over the meal we then ask questions of our guest, discuss the issue in greater depth and see where the conversation takes us.

It is called ‘Crash’ because so often in life two opposing views come crashing together and we try to salvage answers from among the wreckage. Crash seeks to be different and looks to enable different views to come together in such a way that enriches us all rather than tearing us apart.'

Last night I hosted another evening of 'Crash' and again, it was a great evening of honest and open discussion about things of life and faith.

My bro Tom shared about his 'journey of disbelief' and why he is now an atheist. It was good to hear his thoughts and views on God, church and life. Those of us there that are followers of Jesus often agreed with what Tom was saying when he spoke about doubt, pain, church and the human condition.

What I loved about last night was the freedom of honesty. People were not hiding behind masks. People were not trying to give pat answers to impossible questions. People were free to share who they are and what they believe. And yet again the night finished with a real sense of togetherness and acceptance.

Freedom. That is what was expressed and experienced last night. Again, last night Crash was a great example of how people from a whole spectrum of belief systems can come together and talk openly together and have the freedom to discuss and question, laugh and relax together.

If you're involved in a church and want to figure out a way of engaging with people who are not interested in church, then do something like Crash. I promise you that it is so worthwhile.

The next one will be in March when the Rev Sharon Ferguson from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement will be coming to chat about confronting homophobia within the Church. Really looking forward to that.

'Crash - We're so disconnected that we crash into each other just so we can feel something'

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