Sunday, 24 January 2010

Church Planting - A New Journey

The South West Baptist Association have called me to Newton Abbot in Devon to plant a church from scratch!

This is a really exciting and challenging ministry that Sarah, Grace and I will be exploring and we are full of joy about it. We have known for some time that God was calling us to move from Mersea once my training had finished, but we had no idea where that might be. This ministry to plant a church was something that I felt really drawn to when I heard about it, so I submitted an application form with an idea about what a new church plant might look like in Newton Abbot.

The interview was last Tuesday and I presented in greater depth what I had laid out in the application form. The SWBA then rang me that evening and invited me to the position, and I accepted!

God has placed on my heart for sometime now a desire to explore incarnational mission and incarnational church, and He has now called me to Devon to explore it further. It also highlights our utter need and dependance upon God and His grace because we cannot go and do this in our own strength. That is why he gave me the dream that I blogged about before because we need to ensure that we listen to Jesus, the Master Builder as we travel to Devon to church plant.

I will blog in a bit more depth some of what has been on my heart in regard to this to give you a flavour of what we will be seeking to explore when we move to Devon.

We will probably be moving in August and setting up a new life and new ministry. My training finishes in June and I will be ordained around the same sort of time. It is a really exciting time of our lives.

Praise be to God for He is good and His love endures forever.


Anonymous said...

congratulations to you all, sarah must be very proud of you joe, a very exciting time for you all, i wish you all the best for your mission


Sam Norton said...

How exciting! You'll carry on blogging from the far South West of course?

Joe Haward said...

Thanks Brian. Looking forward to the journey ahead.

Of course Sam! Will have to keep people updated on how the adventure maps out!

Julie said...

I am so pleased for you and Newton Abbott - may God bless you and the community richly in thsi new venture as your seek to live out the Good News there. Though I minister in kent we have a flat in teignmouth and regulalrly go to newton Abbott and I was sad to hear the church had closed but hoped that God would do somehting new there.

Joe Haward said...

Thank you Julie! I will appreciate the prayers!

We are hoping to move down to Newton Abbot around August time to settle in and then 'officially' start the church plant in September. I'm very excited about the adventure.
You will have to let me know when you come to Teignmouth and have a coffee with us and find out how things are going.