Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Women at the well

I'm sure a million sermons have been preached about Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well recorded in John 4. But I heard a sermon today at college which gave me a whole new outlook to it.

Read John 4:1-42 first.

Now read Genesis 24:10-27.

See if you can see the link and how amazing the encounter Jesus has with this women is. How amazing his ministry is.

Read how many social, sexual, racial, ethical and religious boundaries he breaks down in this experience.

Read how Jesus goes to the people and the places where others dare not go to take the good news.

Read how willing Jesus is to go to those who we look down on and ignore.

Will we really go where God sends us?

Or are we committed to peddle a middle class gospel?

The fields are ripe for harvest if only we would open our eyes and get rid of our prejudices.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Modern Greats

I've been thinking about preaching and about how passionate I am to be a great communicator.  

I don't want to turn out sermons for the sake of it, going through a routine and getting by, I want to be a great communicator who is able to share the truths of who God is in ways that can resonate and inspire people.  Only by the grace and Spirit of God will I ever be able to even be a half decent communicator, but my prayer is that over time I may become better and better in communicating the love of God to those who are willing to listen.

Also got me thinking about who the greatest communicators of modern history are, whether Christian, celebrity, political or whatever.

Who do you think are the greatest communicators of modern history then?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Sparrow

I'm reading a fantastic book at the moment called 'The Sparrow' by Mary Doria Russel. It is about a group of people, led by a Jesuit Priest, who travel to another planet where alien life has been discovered. Now that might sound a bit weird, but the questions and challenges it raises about mission, culture, contextualisation and the like are profound and numerous.

If you get a chance, read it.

It is affirming in me again and again the need for us to seriously consider and understand the culture we are thrust into and a part of and how the Church can properly and thoughtfully engage with this culture. So often we just don't think about it properly and then wonder why we struggle to engage with our community in significant and relevant ways with the gospel.