Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Russel Brand and culture

I watched Russel Brand 'Skinned' last night on Channel 4.

Found him and it very interesting. He's obviously a clever guy with a good grasp of phraseology and words. He spoke about how he likes to shock people to give them a new thought or angle on a particular subject rather than being a comedian that simply reinforces already held beliefs...

I don't think he actually does that. He is completely a product of his fame culture and the British culture and doesn't actually share new insights into the culture we live but equally reinforces already held beliefs like most other celebrities, politicians and media people. He simply articulates it in a more nuanced and thoughtful way.

I think fame is quite simply the unattainable desire to make love to your own reflection, and Russel Brand is a product of that desire like 99% of all famous people. I think he speaks well and I quite like what I see of him on TV, but he cannot claim that he is approaching culture and topical issues from a new angle.

I think the reality is that I'm not sure I'm really hearing anywhere a new approach to the issues of our culture. Maybe I'm not listening enough. I hear whispers maybe. Can anyone show me the prophets who are digging holes through walls?


Peter M.G. said...

I am not suprised . One of the things that has suprised me is the narcissism of many on Face Book. Perhaps the decline in our appearence as we age is a great opportunity to escape our obsession with our own reflection so that we can reflect the image of the creator in a less obstructed manner

Joe Haward said...

I think in our society with the opportunity to roll back the years through surgery and the like means that narcissism will continue in earnest!
Culture calls for voices of all generations to share something new and something radical about what it means to be human.