Saturday, 19 December 2009

More Dreams

I have a lot of vivid dreams and have come to believe that this is one of the ways through which God speaks to me. Maybe it's because he knows that when I am awake I'm not very good at listening, so He has to speak to me when I'm asleep!

I had another really vivid dream last night, but it is not my dream I want to share with you but my bro's dream. He rang me this morning and shared it with me. Thought I would share it with you. It may mean absolutely nothing, or it may have some kind of meaning. Tom is an atheist, but wants to believe that God exists. Perhaps dreams are a means through which God will speak to him.
See what you think of the dream. I'd welcome people's interpretation of it if you think there is one.

Me and you (Joe) were in a hall or large building of some description. We were standing in there serving Holy Communion to Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. The communion wafers were cherry tomatoes and were in the shape of teaspoons.

What do you think?


BanksyBoy said...

I'll have some of what he's having!

I am with you on the dream thing, in fact, blogging has enabled me to complete some 'thinking' that has commenced in dreams. More rest needed methinks ;-)

Gwen Lord said...

I've always found that most dreams are about a persons own life. This dream your bro had appears to be about his own battle with those in a position of spiritual authority and their apparent need to be spoon fed. As you are in the dream also he believes you are sharing the same feelings with him?