Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I wonder...

I wonder if there is the need for the UK church to consider what the Gospel is really all about?

I wonder if it is not that we need to learn new ways of saying the same thing?

I wonder if we have been saying the wrong thing?

I wonder if people are actually very spiritual?

I wonder if when we peel back all the layers of church movements (emergent, emerging, new frontiers, vineyard, purpose driven, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Free Church, etc etc etc) that all they are really concerned about is whether people go to heaven or hell when they die?

I wonder if this is actually a betrayal of the Gospel?

I wonder if the Gospel has been so misunderstood that we don't know how to understand it properly anymore (now that is a really post-modern statement!)?

I wonder if Jesus saw things so differently?

I wonder...

I believe that God is at work in the UK.

I believe the Gospel is the power for salvation.

I believe God is so loving and so gracious that we always have hope.

I believe the UK church will radically change over the next 20 years. Some will be good and some will be bad.

I believe that Jesus is our bright Morning Star.

I believe...


Gwen Lord said...

I believe! We are so far from the truth that we wouldn't recognise it if we saw it! And that my friend is why we need God so much!

Tim said...

Funny thing. I've been wondering in much the same vein for a while now.

Joe Haward said...

I'm not sure that we are far from the truth, more that we are struggling to grasp it. I think the truth is not a 'thing' but a Person, namely Jesus, and we are struggling to grasp who Jesus is. So rather than being far from Him, we're seeing him blurry...but I suppose we will never fully grasp Him because He is beyond our grasp or understanding. But I think God is calling us to be more faithful in the understanding that we have of Him, and I think that is where some of the issues are.