Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Audi for sale

So I'm selling my Audi....

I had one of those moments when God spoke SO clearly that I knew I couldn't ignore him.

Since I returned from India I knew that my soul had been deeply touched by all that I saw, heard and experienced while I was there. I knew that I was a slave to consumerism and materialism and needed to change. I knew that I had to live a simpler life. I knew that my attitude to the poor, to my community and to the planet needed to change. My soul was touched deeply. Yet my mind and my heart were falling to catch up!

On Sunday night I shared about my time in India at church and as a result of that time I knew my mind, heart and actions needed to catch up with my soul. So yesterday, I was driving to college having a pray and felt God clearly say to me to sell my Audi. When I brought it I knew I was just feeding my greed. I didn't need a car as big and powerful and expensive as that, yet I still got it. I rang Sarah and told her what I felt God was saying and she told me that all morning she had felt the same way. So that confirmed it.

I need to live a simpler life and need to model that in whatever community I find myself in. Driving around in a plush Audi is not modelling that. Things need to change for me!

So if you're interested in an Audi...! ;0)