Monday, 30 November 2009


Affluenza is making people miserable because it impedes 'the meeting of our fundamental needs. Psychologists squabble over what those needs are, but usually agree on four: we need to feel secure, emotionally and materially; we need to feel part of a community, to give and receive from family, neighbours and friends; we need to feel competent, that we're not useless, are effective in chosen tasks; we need to feel autonomous and authentic, masters of our destines to some degree and not living behind masks. Virus values screw us up by conflating what we want with what we truly need, Having with Being.'

'The widespread anxiety and depression caused by the virus are crucial for Selfish Capitalism. To fill the emptiness and loneliness , and to replace our need for authentic, intimate relationships, we resort to the consumption that is essential for economic growth and profits. The more anxious or depressed we are, the more we must consume, and the more we consume, the more disturbed we become.' Oliver James, Afflenza

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