Friday, 6 November 2009

5 Beautiful Doctrines

5 Christian doctrines that I believe to be beautiful:

1. Trinity

2. Grace

3. Jesus brings the new-Exodus

4. missio Dei

5. Spiritual gifts


dmk said...

I might have to have a go at this one too, just for balance!

metochostouchristou said...

Definitely in agreement with your list. My only caveat . . . all true doctrines are beautiful because they come from our Triune God.

Joe Haward said...

M (makes you sound like you're in James Bond ;0)) - I want to agree with you, and I think I do, but I just wonder if that is something that is never quite accessible. What I mean is that any doctrine we have and believe will always be peering through a dark glass. My understanding of God as grace will always make God less gracious than he actually is. My understanding of God as love will always make God less loving than he actually is. Am I making sense?