Monday, 26 October 2009

Random Beliefs

Banksy tagged me with this. 10 things I believe to ethical, philosophical or theological:

1. I believe marriage is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity, yet has been so abused we have lost sight of its beauty.

2. I believe that identical twins share a deeper bond than science could ever reveal

3. I believe films can touch our souls, both positively and negatively

4. I believe the church in the West is in 'Babylon' but are largely unaware of this.

5. I believe that the church must understand how vastly different tomorrow looks from today to engage meaningfully with our culture with the Gospel. It's failure to do this is one of the reasons it is in exile.

6. I believe God is far more loving and gracious than we could ever begin to imagine.

7. I believe fundamentalism is evil

8. I believe children to be a precious gift to our world and we therefore have a huge responsibility to love and care for them properly.

9. I believe wherever there is truth there is God and wherever there is love, there is God.

10. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

I tag Tim A, David and Tim

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dmk said...

Thanks Joe - I actually did this a few weeks ago, so that saves me a job!!

Your previous post would make an interesting 'meme' as well. It's got me thinking...