Wednesday, 14 October 2009

missio Dei

'A trinitarian ecclesiology would take its basic clue from the fact that the most fundamental Christian affirmation about the God who has been revealed in Jesus Christ through the continuing activity of the Holy Spirit is that God is extravagant, outreaching love. The triune God is a missionary God, and the mission of the church is rooted in the trinitarian missions. Furthermore, according to trinitarian doctrine, the very nature of God is communal, and the end for which God created and reconciled the world is depth of communion between God and creatures. The church is the community called into being, built up, and sent into the world to serve in the name and power of the triune God. When the church is true to its own being and mission, it offers an earthly correspondence to God's own unity and diversity, to the inclusive and welcoming love of the other that characterizes the communion of the triune God.' Migliore, D., Faith Seeking Understanding 200-201

In other words, the church exists within this movement of God, the missio Dei, to such a depth that mission is not seen as an added activity, but as the defining essence of the church.

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Sam Norton said...

"built up and sent..."
So what do you think it is that _does_ the building up?

I'm probably going to do another post on this soon - with the theme that contemplation bears fruit in action.