Thursday, 8 October 2009

India, Mission and Persecution

I've decided to pick out my key moments from India rather than share from every day in my diary. There are some things which came out of my time there that I think are significant for the church in this nation. One of the key points is in regard to mission that I want to blog about once I've processed it a bit more.

A recent thread on Sam's blog (here) has prompted me to think about it a bit more and then blog about mission and the church's calling to be missional. I don't entirely agree with Sam about worship and want to speak about my understanding of mission over the next few days.

Below is a video that we were shown while in India by a mission and church planting group called National Fellowship. The reason these guys showed us this video is because they went to Orissa and witnessed something of what happened and spoke to many people about what they had been through. What they shared with us, something of which is explained on this video, radically challenges and transforms your understanding of mission and church.

*WARNING* Footage is graphic:

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