Monday, 5 October 2009

Diary of India 2009 Day 4

Diary of India 2009 Day 4

After staying overnight in the guest house near Bangladesh we travelled to a Muslim village. Big Life took lots of medical supplies and gave it to the village for free. After handing out the medicine the Doctor shared with the villagers his faith story and how he had converted from Islam to Christianity. Someone then shared a short evangelistic preach and invited the villagers to become followers of Jesus. What happens next is that some of the villagers will go to their Imam and ask him about what they have heard from Big Life. The Imam will then invite someone form Big Life to come and share and debate with him. If the Imam is converted then the village will have permission to become followers of Jesus. If the Imam is not converted then he will forbid the villagers to convert. If they do convert in this scenario then they will be beaten of even killed.

We then travelled to a remote village that could only be reached by boat. This village had been badly affected by a cyclone. Big Life took clothes, food and medicine to help the villagers there. From this contact a church has been planted. We spent time worshipping together and encouraging the disciples there. We prayed for them and then left.

We then went to another village and witnessed 11 baptisms taking place within their village. It is a Hindu village and the baptism happen in the pool where they bathe and wash their clothes. This is incarnational faith.

It has been an incredible day full of joy and heartache and challenges. My faith has grown and my passion for Jesus is on fire! So much to process...

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