Friday, 2 October 2009

Diary of India 2009 Day 3

Diary of India 2009 Day 3

Today we travelled with Big Life Ministries to a guest house on the border of Bangladesh over looking the Bay of Bengal.

From there we visited a house church that had been plated by evangelists from Big Life. It was in a Hindu village and they met each week to worship together. We spent time listening to each other's stories of how we became followers of Jesus and encouraged each other with words from Scripture. We also heard from those within the house church of how the actively go and share their faith with anyone that they can. They travel from village to village sharing their faith in Christ. There is no apathy to evangelism. They simply do it and are passionate to do it. They have a real passion for Jesus and are motivated by mission.

From there we travelled to another house church in another Hindu village and spent time enouraging one another and praying together. Many from the village came and listened and were challenged to put their faith in Jesus and turn from their Hinduism.

After this we went to a remote village to plant a new church. When we arrived some of the guys from Big Life were already there playing games with the children. We joined in with them and shared stories from the Bible with them. After this a big white sheet was pegged up between two trees, an old school projector was brought and fired up using a generator and they showed the village the 'Jesus Film'. Many adults and children sat and watched the film. It was very late so we headed back to the guest house.

Later on we heard how someone had preached to the villagers after the Jesus film had been shown and 35 people became Christians. A house church will now be planted in that village and evangelists from Big Life will continue to go there and disciple the new believers. A part of their discipleship is to equip them to be evangelists themselves.

What has impacted me today is how indigenous church is here in India. The practice and faith of these churches is very contextual. They don't call people to abandon their Hindu traditions, but call people to be followers of Jesus within the culture they are placed in. They don't have to become westernised!!

What has also impacted me is how evangelism and mission are key to every Christian we have met. They simply get on with it and see how crucial it is to do it.

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