Thursday, 1 October 2009

Diary of India 2009 Day 2

Diary of India 2009 Day 2

We began the day leading a time of devotion with those who work at the BMS guest house. Many of them are not Christians but enjoy spending each morning reading from the Bible. We spent time reading from Ephesians 4:1-6 and the reflected on what it was saying. This was the first time I had experienced one of us being translated into Bengali and it is interessting how the dynamic of preaching and teaching changes when you need to be translated. Some of the words we use in the West simply do not translate here in India.

After this we met with some of the people we would be working with over then next 3 weeks and listened to what they are involved in and where the work and the kind of people they engage with.

After this we went to Mother Teresa's Centre and looked around there. It was an amazing experience. It is a place filed with the presence of God. A place of prayer. Mother Teresa's tomb is there and we spent time looking at it and reflecting on her life. An amazing women. We met a nun who was with Mother Teresa when she died and she spoke of her sadness that many people do not come any longer to visit the centre. Mother Teresa is an inspiration and the time spent at her centre was a real blessing.

In the evening we went to a house group that meets as a part of the Assemblies of God church in Kolkata. We spent time looking at the Scriptures and what the Bible says about adultery. It was all in English and the style and feel of the evening felt very Western. Yet the honesty and openness they had when talking about adultery and how to avoid it felt very un-Western!
The lady leading the group was called Melissa. She was about 25 and worked in a secondary school teaching English. She shared about the miracles she sees week by week at work. She is allowed to speak openly at school about Jesus and pray for students in class. She has seen students healed of sickness and injuries in her classroom. Imagine that happening in England...

It was a good day today. Challenging and inspiring. Tomorrow we travel with Big Life Ministries who are involved with mission and church planting. We will be involved in helping to plant a church tomorrow!

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