Friday, 4 September 2009

India, here I come!

So below are the links to some of my older posts that my (or may not) provide room for discussion while I'm in India.
I will be away from Monday 7th Sept - Friday 25th Sept. If you pray, please pray for me while I am there. If you don't pray then keep me in your thoughts. I will be in Kolkata working in the slums and the surrounding villages seeking to bring some kind of help to the people there. I'll blog about it and provide some photo's when I get back.

Here are the links:

Now for something completely...ridiculous is a short video with Mark Driscoll.

The Beast is a post I wrote reflecting on my journey with alcohol and how I became T-Total.

G.A.Y and M.O.N.E.Y is a post about homosexuality, money and church.

The Cross and Hell is what it says on the tin and Humans are Wicked... is a follow on from that

I Took a Cat to Holland is about biblical interpretation and this post on John 3 is a specific passage that we have begun discussing

The Way of the Master? has a thread of interesting comments that aid discussion

The Hit is a personal reflection on self-image.

The Unwritten Rules is about church and finally,

Albi the racist Dragon is just a really funny video by Flight of the Conchords!

God Bless you all. :0)

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