Sunday, 23 August 2009

Interesting Conversations

I went to the pub this afternoon to visit a couple of friends who had organised a Mersea Reunion (see here) and while I was down there a guy on a table called me over to ask what the reunion was all about. As I explained about it another guy asked if I worked at The Company Shed. I told him that was my twin bro and that I used to work for my Dad as an oyster fisherman but didn't do it any more. He then asked me what I did now so I told him that I was training to be a Rev.

He then said to me;
'So is your church a Spirit filled church?'
Which took me back a little as I wasn't expecting a question like that at all! So I said yes.
'Are you born-again?'
I said yes
'Are you a follower of Jesus then?'
I said I was unashamedly a follower of Jesus.
I then asked him what his background was because he was using language that pointed to some kind of church background.

He went on to tell me that he was a traveller and that most of his community were born again Christians. He said that he believed in Jesus but had drifted away from 'obeying the Word of God'. He spoke about how it annoys him when people call themselves Christians but don't act like it.

The other guy then spoke about how he had done the Alpha course while he was in prison. I asked him if he believed in God and he shared he views and that he supposed he did believe in God but wasn't sure who God was.

They then asked me how I came to be doing what I'm doing, so I shared briefly my own story of faith.

It was a great conversation. What I loved about it was that it was in the middle of a pub garden completely out of the blue, but very natural. We were all really willing to share our own faith and beliefs. Also helped me understand better a travellers viewpoint on things. I have heard so many people moan and complain about travellers, but today I met a guy who I really warmed to. Also got me thinking about where Jesus would be and who he would be eating a drinking with.

It's also Regatta weekend on Mersea, so I think Jesus would've been on the Greasy Pole!

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